Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Break

 Ashlyn had fall break this past Thursday and Friday, and Daniel was off work those two days also, so it's kinda been like a mini- stay at home vacation for us.  Thursday, we went to Meridian for some shopping.  They have a super big super awesome Halloween store full of disgusting scary life sized monster things.  We enjoyed "trying out" every single one of them.  Ashlyn got her Skeleton Bride costume, and we picked up a Sweet Pea (from Popeye) costume for Kittrell.  I also learned that after being on WW for a while, it's a bad idea to go to Cici's for lunch.  I don't think any of us were feeling too good that afternoon!  Friday- that was chicken coop day.  It's getting closer and closer to time to order our chickens!!  I finished a couple of projects, though I still have plenty more to get done...

Thanks again Pinterest, for the monogrammed pumpkin idea- it looks great on my table!

P.S.-  Check out Kittrell's new hangout!

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