Monday, October 10, 2011

Ah- Weekends...

Ashlyn got her bonfire Friday night.  Kittrell wasn't so sure about it, and went to bed kinda early.  Ashlyn finally gave up and went to bed at 9:15.  Daniel and I acted like teenagers and stayed outside by the fire until 12:30.   What were we thinking?  Well... Daniel found this super awesome classic country radio station that's out of Meridian.  WE LOVE IT.  So much so, that we didn't wanna leave, in fear that we might miss another awesome song!  We played, "Who sings this?"  I did quite well-  Daniel answered Mark Chesnutt for a lot of things so he missed quite a few  :) .  And then we both gave in to the midnight cravings and cleaned Ashlyn out of her chicken nuggets and tator tots. (She still doesn't know yet- so don't say anything.)  It was a great Friday night!  Oh yeah- and Kittrell let us sleep till 6:30, then took 3 hour nap after his bottle-  what a great kid :).

Do NOT make fun of our redneck fire pit.  It gets the job done quite well until we get out real fire pit :).  Thank you.
Saturday night we had a cookout at the Cooper's!  Daniel did an awesome jod with the food.  And Suzanne's dips never seem to let me down.  Ashlyn got to play with her friends- and even got to spend the night.  She was thrilled!!  All I know is, Daniel, Kittrell and I didn't leave until almost 11:00, and the kids were still going strong.  I don't know how Ash wasn't exhausted yesterday!  It was also Kittrell's first night to stay up past 8:00. He was so good as usual- sitting in his seat in front of the TV watching football the whole time.  Just like a man.  Maybe that means he'll be a player when he's older? Or a coach?  Honest to goodness, that little boy hollered every time LSU scored.  I couldn't figure out if it meant he was for, or against them.  So cute!


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