Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Catch Up

Another long week has finally come to an end.  You would think being a stay at home mom would come with some down time.. but no.  Kittrell keeps me busy!  He also keeps me very entertained.  (Since they took away my reason for living, a.k.a. 'All My Children', I need to be entertained.)  Like the other day-  I was changing Kittrell's horrifically dirty diaper and he laughed at me the whole time.  Out loud laughing and giggling at me.  Because he knew how bad is was! So that didn't make the whole situation as bad as it actually was. 

Ashlyn's favorite season is fall, just like her mama.  Why?  Football and bonfires.  Actually, I think it's mostly because she just loves to ring her cowbell.  And she is only allowed to ring her cowbell when State scores.  And we all know how that's going this year....  However, last Friday she got her first bonfire and she's already begging for another one tonight.  We do live out in the country so why not take advantage and have a bonfire every now and then?

Daniel and I are officially done with weddings and parties in the Delta for a little while.  We finally are spending more time at home!! And Ashlyn finally gets to go to ones of her friend's houses tomorrow- since we aren't dragging her out of town yet again.  She is such a trooper!  (And so excited for some play time with GG and B!)  Daniel and I are excited to have an afternoon of cooking out and SEC football at the Cooper's.  Best part about it?  They only live like 10 minutes down the road.  When's the last time Daniel and I hung out with friends and then were at home, in our own bed, at the end of the night?  It's been a while!! 

Which reminds me, I must remember to put Kittrell's bulldog onesie on him in the morning and have him sitting in front of the TV in time for the game.  I swear he is a good luck charm.

I bet you haven't seen a picture of Sofia in a while.  (She rolled over for the first time this week!!)  Here she is getting ready for the baptism...
Isn't my Goddaughter/ niece the cutest??

Which also reminds me- I watched the baptism video the other day.  I don't get motion sickness, but this video made me a bit woozy!!  Those of you who weren't there, Ashlyn had my Flip camera recording everything.  She does not have a steady hand...  She was in her seat, then up front standing with all of us, then back in her seat, then where ever else she wanted to go.  But hey- whatever she wanted!  It's her baby brother and she is a huge part of the family!  She was so proud of her brother and cousin.  She made the day even more special.  Having the whole family together was wonderful!!

Which also reminds me of yet something else!!  I'm so glad I have my husband to share a glass of wine with and to talk about people.  Could we be talking about you?  Maybe. (Oh don't even act like you don't talk about people!)  Daniel usually keeps me in line and tells me to keep my mouth shut.  Which I am thankful for.  I guess sometimes you do just have to keep your mouth shut.   Amazing the revelations you have at 8:00 p.m. on a Thursday night.

Let me step down off of my soap box...

Apparently Kittrell is through with his morning nap.. his screaming keeps getting louder and louder...  I'm going to tend to my sweet little guy- you all have a fabulous weekend!!

(Go Dawgs!!) 


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