Monday, August 27, 2012

Thoughts for the Day

How's your Monday going? Kittrell and I are having a stay in, clean house, and be a little lazy day. Except Kittrell isn't picking up on my whole lazy vibe. I just asked him of he was ready for his nap and he ran in the opposite direction. I'll take that as a no.

On another note, did anyone else see Facebook last night? Talking about the weather channel never mentioning MS in this whole hurricane conversation? Well, I have enjoyed watching The Weather Channel today. I've already heard them say MS like 1000 times. Oh, the power of Facebook.

Also, am I the only one obsessed with Real Housewives of New Jersey? Should I even be admitting that publicly? That show is so horrible that it's good. That show shouldn't even be on TV. But then again, what would I do without it? #mixedemotions

You see that hash tag up there? Yeah, I've started doing that. Because I have expanded my instagram usage to following people/ being followed. And apparently, people hash tag talk on instagram. Well, goodness, don't let me miss out on all the hash tag madness!!

I guess that's enough ranting for one day- I've got some ironing to do!! And 10 dozen rolls to make. Oh joy!

P.S.- Kittrell won't share the remote anymore. It's not fair.

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