Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been super busy. For real. My home is just bustling with visitors this week. Jeannie will be home tonight, and Tom is hanging out with us now. Southern hospitality at its best. Mine and Daniel's friend Tom from far away is passing through town, staying on our couch last night and tonight. Maybe if the heat doesn't scare us off we can go for a round of golf later?

Anywho, who wants to see pictures from this past week?? Yeah, I figured you did. Enjoy!

In an effort to keep Kittrell out of the dog's drinking water, Daniel filled a small cooler full of water for Kittrell to play with.  And then he literally got into it.  Funny kid.
Got my broom stick, not now let's play in the dog water...
Date night with my girl.  We LOVE Mexican.  A lot.  And I love margaritas.  A lot. 
Watch out, now.  Here comes the next Justin Bieber.
You like my broom stick?  I have a ton of toys, but I'd much rather have this broom stick.
Funny story-  Ashlyn had a social studies poster due today.  It was all about her community.  She had to have a picture of her favorite place in her community, and this was it.  That girl- she loves her Mexican food. 
Justin Bieber hat.  OMG.  She wears that thing to bed every night. 
Sofi came to visit this past weekend!! She and Kittrell played so good together!!
It is HOT outside!
Enough pictures, Mom.
Ashlyn, our future chef, cooked steaks for us Friday night.  I think I could get used to this.

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