Monday, August 6, 2012


Thought I'd get back to blogging, seeing as how all of the housework has been caught up.  A vacation post will be along shortly... there are pictures spread out amongst several phones and cameras.  I'll get them all together, soon! But in the meantime, check out those mountains up there!

We're getting Ashlyn ready for school- it starts Wednesday.  And she's in 3rd grade.  Can't even believe it. 

And she's all ready for dancing.  And hip- hop class.  And gymnastics.  In case you are wondering, no.  I will have no money left after all of these tuition costs.  If you need anyone to mow your yard, please call Daniel.  You didn't think I was going to mow your yard, did you?  Daniel won't charge you much. 

It's day 1 of cleanse diet time for me.  And I've already failed.  You honestly can't expect me to NOT have me daily dose of almonds and eggs.  Because I eat eggs and almonds every day.  And I will never give them up.  Now it's just a patient wait until the husband gets home so we can go on our run walk.  Funny story- 

me- "We need to get online and sign up for 300 Oaks."
Daniel- "Ok.  They have a 10k."
me- "I was actually talking about walking in the 5k."
Daniel- "Well if I'm doing 300 Oaks, I'm running.  And we're doing it together."
me- "But I don't run.  I can't run.  It hurts."
Daniel- "If you can run a mile, then you can run 3 miles.  And if you can run 3 miles, you can run 6 miles.  So we'll run the 10k."

[Side note- this man has LOST HIS MIND.]

me- "But I can't even run 1 mile."
Daniel- "Sure you can."
me- "I  hate you."
Daniel- "Ok, we'll run the 5k.  We'll start running Monday."

So, if you find me laying on the side of the road, please pick me up and drop me off at my doorstep.  I would really appreciate it. 

And cheer me on while I run (and probably walk some) in my FIRST EVER 5K next month!

Apparently, my kitchen's not going to clean itself.... I was really counting on that to get done while I was on the computer.  Dang.

Happy Monday- hopefully I'll be back with another blog again soon, if the running walking doesn't kill me.

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