Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Belle. And No- I'm Not Dead, Yet.

I'm happy to report that the running has not killed me, yet.  I couldn't walk straight at work yesterday, and hope no one noticed, but other that that soreness I'm doing good!  Our Monday afternoon run walk got rained out.  Technically, the rain was out of here by 7 and I could have gone, but I was already in my pajamas by that time.  Tuesday was day 1.  We traveled a total of 1.6 miles in which we walked a block and ran jogged pretty slowly a block.  I cursed Daniel quite a few times.  I think I only get mad because he doesn't seem to be gasping for air and hurting as much as I do.  Showoff. When we got back to our driveway, all I wanted to do was lay down and cry.  But there was a lot of traffic going by our house, and thought that might embarrass my family (and myself) quite a bit.   Well, Wednesday was day 2.  We did the same route again.  I completed the mission.  Still couldn't breathe, but I've gotta do it!  While almost home, I noticed a much older man, wearing tall white socks, what I could've sworn to be loafers on his feet, some shorts, and his shirt in his hand, running by.  Did you get all that?  Here I am dying, and he's this older 'snazzy' dressed man showing off his running skills. Showoff.  Don't like a showoff.  But would appreciate it if showoff would put his shirt back on.   Well, actually, if said man can do it.... then surely I can??  Run, that is.  Not run without a shirt on.  I'm not running without a shirt on.  You're welcome. 

Sofi's first day of school!  She's just precious!
We gave Kittrell a fork last night with his squash and told him to go for it.  And he went for it, all right.  Still finding squash seeds in the strangest places.
Meet Belle.  She was a sweetie hanging out at the animal shelter when we went by to drop off some dog and cat food the other day. 
And here she is after we brought her home on a trial basis-  she got a hair cut, some shots, and she's good to go!
Looks like sweet Belle is going to be staying at the Smith house from now on.  Abel seems to really like her!

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