Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kittrell's Birthday Party

So, I've been slacking again.  Not keeping the blog updated.  In my defense, We had a birthday party, then Daniel was sick, then I was sick, then Kittrell was sick, then the weekend came full of stuff to do, then it was Daniel's birthday... But I get a little break- before vacation.  So who's to say when you'll hear from me after this?  Because right after vacation, school starts.  Where has the summer gone??? 

Anywho, Kittrell's 1st birthday party/ fish fry/ throw down was a blast.  We enjoyed spending the afternoon with all of our family and friends!  Kittrell indeed had a great time playing with all of the big kids-  and is still enjoying all of his new toys, books, and clothes!  We are so very lucky to have all of you guys in our lives!


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  2. Your one year old had more fun than ours! We spent money on a reptile party and the birthday child slept all through it while other kids played with snakes.