Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golf and the 4th: One Great Week

Don't worry- I'm still here. Just forgetting to blog lately. With the holiday this week and Daniel being off work, we've been busy relaxing. So I guess it's not really relaxing if you're busy... Anyways what's today? Sunday? Only Thursday- could've fooled me! We took Kittrell to his first fireworks show the other night. Technically his first was at the Christmas parade, but he slept through it so that one doesn't count. He loved them! (and Ashlyn finally stopped plugging her ears this year- huge milestone for us) The 4th was spent at George's with our crazy family and friends. Fun crazy, I should say. Let me tell you who is serious about eating ribs- Kittrell. Give him a rid bone and that boy just won't stop! I've also been enjoying a little golf with the husband this past week. It's hot as hades out there but so much fun. Am I good? Heck yeah! Ha- totally kidding. I don't play near the ponds. Because we all know where the ball will end up.

And now, we're getting ready for the weekend! Golf in the morning, followed by work, work and more work. And then.... Somebody's turning 1 on Monday!!! I have no idea why I ended that sentence with exclamation marks. I'm kinda sad.

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