Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kittrell is ONE!

Our sweet baby boy turned one on Monday. Where has the time gone?? We celebrated with one of Kittrell's favorites- spaghetti and of course, cake! He really liked that cake. And he gets another cake on Saturday when we have his super big fun birthday party!

Kittrell is turning into such a big boy! We upgraded to a larger car seat. We ( finally) bought the kid a pair of shoes. He walked around trying to kick them off at first, but he's warming up to them. He walks everywhere! He's getting his top two front teeth! He's just growing too fast!! We're not talking yet, but that's just fine. We do however, point and yell. I'm working on the whole sign language thing, but he's not picking up on it as quickly as Ashlyn did. Hopefully he'll get it soon, though!

What??  You take my cake and want me to eat this?? Give me my cake back, woman!
Ashlyn tried showing him that there actually was cake under all of that icing...

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