Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ashlyn's First Airplane Ride!!

So- last Sunday. What a day. I like to call it the day I almost died. I almost died because I rode in an airplane. I hate riding in planes. I get all freaked out and what not and usually have to take meds to calm my nerves. Sad but true. Ok ok, enough out me.

Fortunately, Ashlyn does not share this fear of mine. Also fortunately, St. John's throws one heck of a bible school kick off party. At the airport. With an air show. And airplane rides. Yep- airplane rides! Still don't know how I got involved, next time Daniel's going with her. Not me. She had a blast!! I was nauseous for a couple of hours after we landed. Kittrell got to play on the fake airplane- I'm not letting him fly yet! Overall, it was a great afternoon- hot, but great. I hope to not do it again any time soon.

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