Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's nasty outside. I don't want to do anything!! Notice I said 'want to' instead of 'wanna'. Slang is taking a break here at the Smith house because when I checked Ashlyn's homework last night, one of her sentences had the word 'gonna' in it. Living in the hills will do that to you. Back to being lazy. I've been lazy since the 2nd quarter of the game last night. TERRIBLE. I think I have it figured out though. Jordan Jefferson is blackmailing Les Miles. And that's why Jarret Lee never stepped foot on the field last night. Either that or Bama paid Jefferson a ridic amount of money to throw the game. But it's all good. Bama 'out physical'd LSU. Bahahaha. Tell me you saw Bama guy say that in his post game interview! Fast forward to this morning- Kittrell and I are being super lazy. Well, mostly just me. He's been crawling all over the place!! He loves his turtle, so I just move it around and watch him take off after it. I'll eventually get in the kitchen and start doing those dishes....

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