Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun

Our skeleton bride.

(I told Ash that skeletons don't usually smile..)

Our day outfit...

His shocked face when I took his paci out of his mouth...

He loved his Sweet Pea costume!

Seriously- that is entirely too much candy.

Halloween was so much fun at our house!  Ashlyn was super excited all day.  After school, she ran in, did her chores faster than I've ever seen, and the face painting began!  I got the kids ready, Daniel came home, then we all headed to Decatur to the 'Treat Street Bash' to meet up with the Cooper's and do some trick-or-treating.  And now I'm home all day every day with a huge pile of candy staring me in the face every time I walk into the living room.  I hope this doesn't affect the scale on Friday morning...

On another note, yesterday was spent in Meridian.  Actually I had to go twice.  Maybe I should just get an apartment there.  It's not a long drive at all, I guess I just like to complain about it.  Kittrell had his 4 month check up (and shots).  So my day went like this-  doctor, shots, screaming baby, drive across town to Sonic to eat and feed Kittrell a bottle, screaming baby (bless his heart), trip to Wal- Mart for a humidifier ( he's got a runny nose), nap for Kittrell (finally), drive home, screaming baby, clean house, screaming baby with 101 degree fever, forgot to get anything out for dinner so it's either a hot pocket or easy mac, still sick baby, drive BACK to Meridian for ballet practice, sit in car and read for an hour, drive back to Little Rock, so so sleepy, home to feed one more bottle to Kittrell, finally he's asleep!, Sons of Anarchy with the husband, finally pass out in the bed (slept in Kittrell's room with him), ninja cat kept barging in, finally caught said cat with help of the husband and threw her outside, back to the bed to pass out again. 

I'm starting to think a job wouldn't be such a bad idea....

Happy Birthday to Kiki and Meme!!!!!!! 

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