Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday!  The husband left early this morning for a weekend at deer camp.  Let's hope he actually goes hunting. :) 

Ash is at school, and Kittrell is in the floor trying to take his hat off that I'm making him wear.  I just think it's really cold in our house right now... You know how it goes-  if mama is cold, then the kids get bundled up also. 

I'm packing up to head to Greenwood yet again.  Why?  For this chick's 30TH BIRTHDAY party.

Yep- 30th.  Where has time gone?

Her actual birthday is tomorrow, but if you see Jeannie out and about today or tomorrow, be sure to yell HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY to her.  She will just love it.  And I can say all I want about her, because I know for a fact that girl never gets on the computer- and has NEVER read my blog.

Happy Birthday, Jeannie!!  

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