Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 More Days

This week has been so busy! And it's only Tuesday. And I still have a lot to get done before Ashlyn and I head off to Memphis Thursday to see JUSTIN BIEBER. Can you believe it's time already?? My wallet can't believe it, either.

I picked up some earplugs when I was out shopping the other day. I think as long as I don't forget the tickets and earplugs I should be just fine. Bring it on screaming 10 year olds. Bring it on.

But until Thursday we are staying busy with Halloween festivities. We went to a carnival Sunday. Kittrell walked over to the cupcake decorating table like a big boy, sat in the chair, pointed to a cupcake, then ate half the thing before the sweet lady could even get him his icing. It was adorable!

Last night, we got Kittrell back into his cowboy costume. Ashlyn, my wanna be teenager, was too good to dress up again after Sunday. *sigh*. Bit it's ok. I still have several years of making Kittrell wear what I want him to. :) we went to the carnival at our church. I think Kittrell got the hang of the duck pond game. Ashlyn played everything at least 4 times each. And then it was time for awesome Bingo! Which I won one of the rounds. And y'all- I won a small fridge. A Budweiser one. It was all wrapped up in a box. We got home and opened it up, and I've never laughed so hard in my life. It is the funniest/ strangest/ weirdest looking thing I have ever seen in my life. There just are no words. I didn't get a picture, but I promise that next time we get it out I will get a picture to share the hilariousness that is a BEER CAN shaped fridge. Yes. I said that. Don't be jealous.
But anyways, the fridge made for a good laugh. I won a bunch of other stuff with it, so it's all good. And it's really good seeing as how I never win anything! Never!

Has everyone carved their pumpkins already? Halloween is tomorrow, and we haven't! Ashlyn will be gone all afternoon- wont be home till after 6:30 so I guess we are going to do some night carving tonight. Always a last minute-er.

Now, just getting a head start on packing for BIEBER. Ashlyn got a new outfit (complete with super cute hat) this past weekend. All purple- Justin's favorite color. I even got myself a new 'concert' tshirt. We're so excited!!

Hope y'all have a very Happy Halloween and get lots of candy!!

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