Thursday, November 15, 2012

Justin Beiber

This kid is great. I wish I could go back and see him again tonight!

He and his dancers put on a great show! That Carli Rae Jepson chick was ok, all she did was get Call Me Maybe stuck in my head again. Fun stuff.

All in all, Ashlyn had a blast. Except for that point during the show where she loudly exclaimed that I was embarrassing her. I'm sure it won't be the last time, sweety, sorry! Maybe it was my dancing, my singing the wrong words, my screaming so loud I lost my voice, but who knows what all I did to 'embarrass' her.

Now, here's a ton of unedited, some blurry, not in any particular order, pictures from the concert.

Getting close to time!
Blurry angel wing picture... the wings Justin flew in on.  I couldn't help but laugh.
Earplugs ready.
OMG it's Justin Bieber!
Just waiting on the Biebs.
He got super close to us!
New Bieber outfit! All purple-  hope no one lost their child- bc you wouldn't be able to find them seeing as how every child there was in purple from head to toe.
We got there early.  Great seats!
Here he comes....
Lot of people....
Oh that's just Justin (in the middle with the purple top and white pants) running around meeting people in the stands before the show.  Great kid, that Justin is.  Except I don't like him for not coming over to Ashlyn's side of the stage!
Justin running around again.
He's an angel! 

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