Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Very First Culinary Weekend

Did I ever mention to you guys that I LOVE my job?  Well, I do.  And I was finally home on a culinary weekend, so I begged and begged until I was put on the schedule to work.  Yall- the food was SO good.  I LOVE good food.  And these guys- the guest chefs for the weekend- can cook some SERIOUSLY good food.  I know because I tried alot  a little of it all. 
And I have pictures! Prepare to be jealous. 

Maple Cheesecake with Cranberries and Pecans.
Speaks for itself, right??
Chicken-Fried Quail with Melted Onions, Warm Potatoes, and TRUFFLE GRAVY.
I capitalized the truffle gravy for dramatic effect. 
It was the beez kneez.
Next time I have quail at home, you can bet your bottom I'll be chicken frying it.
More oysters!! I only had like 12 3.
'Puttanesca' Vinaigrette with Confit Tuna and Hand-Stretched Mozzarella.
I will make that 'Puttanesca' vinaigrette again, and bathe in it.
Yellowfin Tuna with Sea Urchin Vinaigrette and Pickled Mustard Seeds.
I may or may not have licked the plate.
Chicken Tortellini with Foie Gras Sugo, Sage, Proscuitto, and Parmesan. 
I cried, yall.  I cried. 
Actually, sitting here thinking about all the glory that is that dish has me kind of tearing up again.
Ah- the coveted chefs.  Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman. (The 2 in the middle)
Here's the deal- they have 2 restaurants- Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen and Hog & Hominy. They are both in Memphis, so go eat there!!
Beautiful, beautiful pecans.
The life of a traveling chef...
Braised Pork Osso Buco with Butternut Squash Risotto, Porcini-Glazed Turnips and Pear Moustarda.
Here's my before picture.....
Can't hate a huge bowl full of hand stretched mozzarella!
And the 'after Lauren got a hold of the osso buco' picture...
Rotini with Tripe, Tomato, Cannellini Beans and Mint.
Still a little shocked by this one.  Mint+ tomato sauce= AWESOME.
Remember that for next time.
Here's a fun one!!
Ovaltine-Semifreddo with Salted Apples and Candied Apple-Bourbon Sauce.
(With crushed Wopper's on top.)
Dang! I wish I had some more of that!
Ahhh- a freshly fried quail!

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