Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Been Happening...

So, obviously I've been not blogging lately. I have 2 excuses- I've been busy, and I've been sick. Tom was here, then Jeannie was home, I went all out for like 5 days straight. I found out I'm way to old for that mess.... And I've been running fever and napping with a headache for what's going on 8 days straight now. Major bummer. But I'm getting used to it all, so I'm totally fine. I'm pretty sure I have West Nile, but I'm fine. Wear your mosquito repellent, people. You don't want to end up like me.

You know I haven't been medically diagnosed with anything- in fact I'm taking antibiotics now that aren't working because I have the West Nile. This is just me rambling on. The antibiotics don't work, but I have found that a glass of wine sure does. Remember that if this happens to you!!

I thought it was best to type up a blog update, seeing as how Jeannie threatened to stop reading my blog all together if I didn't write something soon. She text threatened me while I had West Nile. Can you believe that?? (again- not medically diagnosed)

So, back to what's been happening-

Jeannie was home! But now she's gone :( I foresee a trip to L.A. In my future... But only if I win the lottery, first.

Kittrell has continued to be his adorable self. He even rocked the Mohawk one day. But it involved hairspray, and Daniel put his foot down.

Ashlyn is just being Ashlyn. Sneaky, wanna be a teenager Ashlyn. Lord help me!

The 300 Oaks race was this past weekend. Ashlyn really wanted to make signs like we did for the Viking half marathon. So we made one for Laura Merrill. For Ashlyn to hold up. While I worked. But it's ok that I didn't get to run/walk. Seeing as how I have West Nile and all. (haven't been medically diagnosed).

There was also an afternoon of golf for me and Daniel. I didn't play much- didn't want to make the West Nile worse than it already is. (no medical diagnoses here!)

I guess if I'm still feeling ick tomorrow I'm taking my butt back to the doctor to figure this mess out. 8 days straight. This really stinks. I'll keep you updated.

Here's some photos, and let's hope I wake up in the morning refreshed and well. Happy rainy Monday!

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