Friday, April 27, 2012

It's the Weekend!!

Happy Friday! For someone who is working all weekend, I sure do sound happy that Friday is here... The new job is GREAT. A lot different than working in the kitchen like I used to do.. No more cursing and rushing and yelling at servers who screwed up orders.. Nope- i was NEVER mean in the kitchen!! I guess that's why my life is much less stressful now than it was a couple of years ago!
Last night I went to a friend's house for lasagna and to help re-cover an ottoman. But let's be honest. I really only held on to my wine glass and supervised. But I do feel like now, if I ever get the urge to, I might could re- cover a piece of furniture. Wait no- no couches and chairs, just something in the shape of a cube.
Ashlyn went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science in Jackson yesterday. I let her take her camera and she took a TON of pictures. CVS better watch out- Ashlyn is coming to get like a thousand pictures printed out soon.
Today Kittrell is crawling around the house naked. It's so cute- he is definitely a boy, though! Every now and then he looks down and gets distracted... Oh and in case you were wondering- he has a case of the diaper rash, so I'm letting him go with no diaper for a bit- just until he starts to pee on everything. That'll be fun to clean up.
It's Daniel's mom's birthday today! If you see Sissy around, tell her 'Happy Birthday'!!
Anyone else so ready for next weekend?? River to the Rails is mine and Ashlyn's favorite time of year (among many others). Abel gets to be in the pet parade this year! Hopefully Magnum P.I.G. will win the BBQ competition! We have some friends and family coming in from out of town so we can't wait! Included in next weekends festivities is my sweet baby girl's First Communion. She is so excited!!
We definitely have a big, busy week ahead of us, but I'm sure it will fly by! Hope y'all have a happy weekend!! Here's a pic of Kittrell (from the waist up, of course) telling y'all to rock on!!

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