Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Food... and Fun!


I learned something last night.  If you feel at all guilty for eating the best shrimp and grits ever, just throw some asparagus on your plate and look at it as being somewhat healthy.  Cause garlic and herb cheese grits with shrimp and a crawfish cream sauce is NOT healthy at all.  But, dang it- it's so good.  Come visit me, and I'll make it again.  Because it deserves to be made again.  I'd like to give a big thanks to Mary Neff for having a cookout with a ton of crawfish so there was plenty left over for me to take home so I could make this.

Easter is almost here!  Which means Easter break from school so we can go fishing on Monday!  We love to go fishing. (And as you know, Ashlyn loves "falling" in the lake.)  I'm kind of slacking this year, though.... I still haven't gotten Kittrell's first Easter basket painted.  I painted Ashlyn's first one, so of course I had to do Kittrell's, too! Oh! Guess what else??? Jeanie's coming home.  I'm hoping she has had enough of L.A. and wants to move back.  I doubt that, though. And you know what else Easter weekend brings to Greenwood?  Crawfish at Webster's!  I've never missed a year.  Love it.  And... we can't wait for the Easter Bunny to come visit our house!  Ashlyn's getting ready!  Sofi's coming over Sunday to hunt Easter eggs with us- this should be fun!  I love a holiday!   

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