Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's been a while since my last blog post!! So sorry!! Honestly y'all- I have been SO busy! We've had family in town all week and just didn't want to miss one second of getting to spend time with them. Hopefully next time we all get together, it's not because of a funeral. Ashlyn thoroughly enjoyed her time with Julia's kids... Especially Trey.. So you can only imagine our conversation when I was trying to explain that he was Daniel's cousin.. And they are supposed to be just friends... :) don't tell Ashlyn I told y'all that!! It's so cute though!

Well, congratulate me! I start my new job at the Viking Cooking School Wednesday! I am officially an assistant cooking instructor! Yay!!

So- it's finally the weekend. Time to relax?? Nope. Ashlyn and I are on a mission to find something fun to do today! For about two weeks or so she has had plans for today, but they fell through....thank goodness she has such and awesome fun mom to hang out with instead! She'd rather hang out with the girls today anyways. Kiki and Sofi are coming to town and we are having us a fun girl's day!! Maybe lunch at the Mexican restaurant will be involved?? We will see!!

One more thing!! Good luck to all you Warrior Dash badasses! And to all you others running in their 5k/marathons this morning! Next time, Daniel and I are definitely running the Warrior Dash with y'all!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend- I know I will!! Oh- here is a pic of Ashlyn's finished bunny painting that I said I'd post last time. And another cute one showing how serious Kittrell is about eating a baked potato. Simply adorable.

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