Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Here's our crazy, full, fun weekend we had- in pictures! (In absolutely NO particular order.  You're just going to have to deal with my crazy cell phone like I do..)  As soon as I picked Ashlyn up from school Thursday, we didn't seem to stop!  Birthday party Thursday night, sleep over company after the party Thursday night, a Walmart trip with two wild girls and a baby Friday morning, a picnic in the park for lunch Friday, dyed eggs once Friday afternoon, then again with the Smith's Friday night, afterwards- a night out with Jeannie Friday night, egg hunt Saturday morning,  crawfish at Websters Saturday afternoon, try to catch up on some sleep Saturday night, church and egg hunt Sunday morning, lunch at Granny's after, then an afternoon at Spring Lake fishing, followed by a Monday at home sprucing up the flower beds and cooking out on the grill.  I am pooped. 
Ashlyn's best friend in the whole world had a birthday party- and Ashlyn painted the most awesome bunny rabbit ever!  I'll have to get a picture of the finished product for you later...
After church/ egg hunt Easter morning.  I woke up at 6 a.m. and I swear didn't stop running around until 8:50.  (Ten minutes before church)  That could explain the bad hair day...
Kittrell takes after his Daddy- closing his eyes in all the pictures!
Ashlyn and Daniel got up early Monday morning and headed to get some flowers to plan.  The only thing Ashlyn was interested in was finding BIG worms.  Which she did.  Yuck. 
Well, I stand corrected- she did help plant flowers a little..
Ashlyn picked out all of the flowers!
Hunting Easter eggs!  I had to get a picture at the beginning- the Easter Bunny left a TON of eggs- her basket was FULL!
Crawfish at Websters Saturday... With JEANNIE! She came back to visit us!  (Can't you tell she lives in Los Angeles?  I mean- see that tan??) Oh- haha hey Mary Neff!!
Ashlyn had sleep over company Thursday night.  It wore me out!  I made them go to bed that night, so I could get some sleep.  And then when I woke up Friday morning, they were already up!  Abel and Kittrell were like their dolls.  They even dressed them up.  See? I have proof.  I can't believe the guys let the girls dress them up like that!
The Easter Bunny came!  Who knew that a frisbee could make a girl so happy??
Javier, Kiki, and Sofi came over to hunt eggs Sunday morning!
Kaylee was on hand Friday to help Ashlyn dye her Easter eggs!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! I was sad to miss crawfish at Websters Saturday. I haven't missed that in a while.