Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Visiting the New Office

So, yesterday Ashlyn, Kittrell and I headed to Cleveland to check out Daniel's new office and employees... We won't get into all of that... However, Ash was so happy to see that Daniel took all of her artwork from the office in Decatur and had already hung it all over his new office in Cleveland! So cute! We didn't hang around too long because there is apparently a LOT of work involved with Bolivar county. So after a great lunch at Airport Grocery, we headed back home to Greenwood to get some play time outside fit into our schedule. By the way- it was HOT outside yesterday. Seriously- Ashlyn was playing with some kids down the street walking around barefooted like it was the middle of summer. She is such a country girl! I did get a picture of the kids at the new office- Kittrell was really enjoying it because he wouldn't stop clapping!

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