Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fishing, oh- wait, I mean swimming.

Well, we loaded up Sunday and headed to Spring Lake for some fishing.  I had so much fun!  Ashlyn and I had a bet to see who could catch the most fish- she won.  Until she quit fishing so she could roll down the big hill and play with the worms.  Wait- is that my child?  Play with worms?  What??  (Can we say black fingernails?)  She also only asked me and Daniel about 1000 times if she could jump in the water.  She even packed her swim suit.  After saying no 1000 times, I decided she had been good enough and told her to go for it.  She didn't understand what I was saying, because she immediately started asking, "Can I get my shorts wet? Can I get my shirt wet? What about my hair?"  I said again, "Do whatever you want and stop asking so many questions."  She asked, "But Mom- what does that mean??"  "Ashlyn, I am walking away.  You do whatever makes you happy and for goodness sake please stop asking so many questions!"  Needless to say, she figured out what I meant and went for it.  And when we got ready to leave, she smelled like a muddy wet dog.  That was a fun ride home.  Oh well, Ashlyn had a blast!
"Mama, can I PLEASE get in the water?"

"Please, Daniel, please can I go swimming?"
"I'll just put my feet in the water. Please? I won't get my shirt wet!"
"Mama, can I get in the water now???"
"No.  You will scare all the fish away!"
And we all see who won this argument.....

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