Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hey Hey Hey!

It's Saturday. I still have boxes to unpack. And things to clean. And I really need to dust. But here I am- laying on the bed watching Real Housewives reruns. This is more fun, I think.

Daniel is fishing, Ashlyn is out of town, and Kittrell is taking a nap. A VERY relaxing Saturday for me. Last Saturday I only had like 12 mini heart attacks. Moving is stressful. By the time the guys got most of our things moved into the new house, you couldn't walk anywhere. Daniel and I cleared a path to Kittrell's room for him, then pushed the couches together and camped out in the living room. I had a major crick in my neck the next morning. However! With one week behind us, you can walk through the house! I finally found my box of wine glasses. That was the most important box, in my opinion, and I thought I had lost it for a while there. But no worries- they all made it here safe and sound.

Next on my agenda is to come up with a new blog name. I no longer have to survive those hellacious hills. (Thank the Lord!)

On another note, guess what's going on this week? Oh nothing special, just MY BIRTHDAY. :)

And guess what's after my birthday?? Only the best holiday ever- St. Patrick's Day. Memphis better get ready for me!

I should get back to my relaxing Saturday- these don't happen too often for me.

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