Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*Sigh*... And a fishing trip!

Ashlyn went fishing with Danny this past weekend.  She caught "all of the fish" and Danny "didn't catch any".  Ha!  I must say, the fish were DELISH!  We had a good outdoor fish fry last night and stuffed ourselves.  Hope they go fishing again soon!!

On another note,  did you know that Ashlyn gets on our computer here at home?  She does.  She reads blogs, keeps up with Disney online, and when she is not grounded, we pay for the subscription to Toontown.  Anywho,  I guess I'm going to have to cut her blog reading out.  It's not worth me having to "explain" things to her- when all she really wants to do is look at pictures.  It's a shame really, but some people were born without filters- and I don't want Ashlyn around all of that!  She's too sweet- and doesn't understand ranting and raving at this age.  (Although she is getting close to that age-  that child already back talks more than you would think!)

When it comes to MY Facebook page,  I chose to keep my profile private from well over half of my friends list.  If you are my friend on Facebook, then you are either actually my friend, my husband's friend, a family member, part of my husband's family, a friend/family member of Ashlyn, or went to school with me.  If I met you once 5 years ago you are not going to make the list.  Sorry, but we're not friends.  Now add all of those up, and I have about 300 Facebook friends.  Of those 300, only about 50 can actually comment on my profile and pictures.  Because the ones who can, are not drama starters.  They don't nor have they ever misinterpreted anything I have posted and wanted to start a war.  They are mature friends and family members of mine, and they are close family and friends of mine.  This way, I don't have to be worried about being "stalked" on Facebook and I don't have to worry about someone seeing a post and immediately think it is about them, when it never really was.  Since I have started this whole private Facebook thing, I have loved Facebook even more.  If you can't comment on my page,  you are welcome to send me a message, and I'll always respond.  Just wanted to let EVERYONE know, that no- you are not special.  You, along with about 200 others, can't comment on my page.  No hard feelings, but things are easier this way! :)

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