Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ashlyn's Awesome Weekend

Ashlyn has been wanting to go with Daniel to the hunting camp for quite some time now. And she recently informed us she was ready to hunt and shoot a gun herself. Well then, go right on ahead! I'm sure Ashlyn would have loved to have gone to the football game this past Saturday, but I had to work. Fortunately, Daniel and Kittrell were going to spend the night out at the camp and Ashlyn got to go with them!! My prissy child got to play with one of her favorite cousins, run around and play in the woods for hours, shoot a gun for the very first time (and wasn't even scared) and even helped with the 'plucking of the ducks'. Not so prissy anymore! BEST WEEKEND EVER, she said. Already planning her next one. So very happy she had such a blast, and so very happy to know there will be future trips for those three so I can get a night by myself again!

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