Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memphis Trip part 1: Sofi's First Birthday

This past weekend was packed full of fun stuff to do. Starting with sweet Sofia Jayne's 1st birthday party at the Memphis zoo! (I still can't believe that chick is already one year old!) Since we were headed to the zoo, we decided to go ahead and make a full day of it. More on that later... Let's talk about how awesome birthday parties at zoos are. This one was so cute and so much fun- pizza, cupcakes, and a piƱata! The kids had a blast!

Kittrell really wanted to pull on that table cloth... and get to those cupcakes...
The princess and her cupcake!
Sofi with Granny and Papa
Javier helping Kittrell take a swing at the pinata
Now he wants a drink..
Not so sure about this candle..
Ashlyn and Kittrell's turn at the pinata!
HA! Don't think she likes candles at all!
Ashlyn's turn!

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