Wednesday, May 9, 2012

River to the Rails 2

River to the Rails was a success again this year!  It only took about 3 days for me to catch up on my sleep, which is better than usual.  We didn't win any awards... However, we did finish 4th overall in the BBQ competition.  That's really good.  A lot better than last time!  We'll take it!

Abel won 1st place in the Paws Parade at River to the Rails Saturday morning!  We were so surprised, and Ashlyn was so proud of her brother Abel!  Now, whether or not all the judges praising Abel over all he has been through and the fact that he only has 3 legs probably has absolutely nothing to do with his winning.....
Just don't ask...
Yep- the Magnum P.I.G. bus is still running!
Daniel and Ashlyn walking Abel in the parade.  The fact that Daniel spilled some basting sauce all over my white shirt first thing Saturday morning is exactly the reason why he got walking duty in the parade.
Infinicam!  Remember those letters that were outside the Pitt's store on Park Avenue for a couple of days? The letters that spelled sexy?  The cooking trailer next to us had a guy on it whose nick name is "Big Sexy".  And he ended up with the letters!
This pic came from Daniel's phone.  Although it's still so pretty, he should've Infinicam'd it!

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