Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ashlyn's First Communion

Sunday was such a special day for Ashlyn!  We got up extra early so we could make it to church extra early, because all of you who know me know that I am late for EVERYTHING.  Kittrell was in a happy, jumpy mood and Ashlyn was just nervous/ excited!  (I do believe Ashlyn had the most family/ friends in attendance at church that morning- she was so happy to have all of you there!)  After church, we hosted a lunch reception honoring Ashlyn at our house, where she just couldn't wait to get into that cake!  Thanks to everyone for making Sunday so wonderful for Ashlyn.  It was such a special day for her, and she couldn't have been happier!

She was so excited she couldn't stop smiling!

Bringing down the gifts to get ready for communion..

Accepting her gift from the church

All the first communicants

Ashlyn with Father Gregg and Sister Kathleen

Ashlyn and her Godmother, Kiki

Told you Ashlyn couldn't wait to get into that cake- went to get a picture and it had already been partially cut!

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