Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Week's Wrap Up

Ashlyn's almost better than me at getting Kittrell to sleep.

I begged Ashlyn to watch Kittrell for me for a few minutes the other day so that I could get a quick shower in. When I got out, sweet Ashlyn was changing her little brother's diaper! Something she swore she would never do, she finally came around and went for it. She's such a big helper!

He's spoiled. He loves taking naps while lying on either me or Daniel.

Kittrell's new favorite hangout. People out in public like to stop and stare. But that's ok. Seriously, has no one ever seen a baby in a sling before? But then again, we do live where we do...

Kittrell and I went to check the mail yesterday and found a nice surprise! Laura Merrill, who has some serious skills and lots of patience (cause I've tried sewing before, and I know how much patience that takes) sent us one of her original Alex and Leo outfits of Kittrell. Super Cute. I can't wait for Kittrell to wear it next summer! (I think we need to make a trip to the beach, for some pictures with this outfit, don't you?)

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