Monday, August 29, 2011

Party, Party, Party!

I definitely learned something new this past weekend. I'm the oldest 26 year old I know. Because I'm still hurting this morning from my eyelashes to my toenails. We got Kristen T. ready for the fun part of married life on Friday night. There may or may not still be some disturbing images in my head from that party. We then got Brandon and Laura Merrill's bar stocked on Saturday night. By the way- I loved the Blue Biscuit in Indianola- I must go back (I think I ate me body weight in fried green tomatoes, fried mushroons, and BBQ nachos). That party was then followed by an interesting bus ride back to Greenwood. There may or may not be some disturbing images in my head from that as well. Those crazy night's were followed by Kittrell's first trip to church Sunday morning, and a fantastic Sip and See for Kittrell that afternoon- with more great food and champagne!! I'm still exhausted. So glad Kittrell is being a good baby today and letting Mama lay around and catch up on some sleep!! Daniel and I apparently can't keep up with our friends like we used to. We are way out of practice!! And in true Lauren fashion, I toted my camera around with me all weekend and didn't take a single picture!

Ugh! I have a ton of stuff to unpack, and a lot of clothes to get washed, but I think I'm just going to inform Daniel and Ashlyn when they get home that doing all of that this afternoon is part of their chores. Hopefully they'll fall for it.

P.S.- Who's ready for this weekend!!??!!

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